I’m honored to give you a great big warm welcome to the home of the Healing Fit and Wellness Community Membership.

This membership is for you, if you’re a  woman  focused on living a happy, fulfilling and healthy life.
Regardless of whether you’re just starting  out on your transformation or maintaining your wellness and happiness, everyone can benefit.

Have a look at what’s inside…

The full back catalogue of my very open and honest musings and learning’s on my own journey of transformation.

Internal Pruning

Internal Pruning

A 3 minute read... The longer you let the weeds grow in your garden, the longer they take to cut back. It’s the same in our lives. If we neglect ourselves, physically, emotionally or spiritually. Over a period of time, the bigger our internal weeds will grow, weeds...

With a back catalogue of over 50 easy to make dishes, from smoothies, to desserts to soups and sauces.
With two new and exclusive recipes added each month.

Turmeric milk

Turmeric milk

Turmeric milk - This is one of my quickest and easiest recipes for a health boosting drink. It's my go to before and during my period to ease menstrual cramps. It's incredibly warming and nice to enjoy on a cold day, as well as...

Gentle and relaxing meditations to assist you get to sleep, relax your mind or increase your self-esteem.
Two new meditations added each month.

A short 10 minute listen on a topic to support you.
Covering a wealth of personal development and wellness topics.

With an array of videos from yoga postures and pranayama breathing exercises, interviews and personal development tools.
There’s over two years of content available to you as a member.

Your membership connects you with a community of women with the same goals and focus.
The chance to interact with each other and share your experiences or ask for support, via the private Facebook group.
You will receive regular notifications of new content and the chance to interact in regular Facebook lives with me.

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Book retreats and at discounted price before they go live to the public


Does life feel overwhelming and hectic, with no time for you to even think?
Maybe you’re at that stage where you’ve just had enough. You know that you have to make some big changes, but have no idea where to start.

Perhaps you feel trapped in your life; like I did. Like you’re living a lie.

Do you question how you even ended up living like this?
Where is the happy and fulfilling life that you dreamed of?

Is the brave face you’re showing to the world exhausting you?

Are you longing to just be true to who you know you really are inside?

If you have had enough of not living true to you, and you are ready to transform your life. Join me on retreat and together lets change your world.

See what you missed in Mauritius

Mauritius provided the stunning backdrop to our life changing transformational retreat in November 2018.

Our beautiful private villa backed onto the white sands and turquoise oceans of Pointe D’Esny in the south east of the Island.

We practiced Yoga on the beach. We danced, we sang, we cried and we broke through self-limiting beliefs and the barriers to our authentic happiness that we’d held onto for years.

Work with Elaine

Elaine Batho works with you to whichever level you want to invest in your own happiness and transformation.
If you are committed to your personal development, and a fulfilling future.
If you are truly ready to make life altering transformations, Elaine has many options of support to choose from.